Account Recovery Roadmap

Account Recovery Roadmap


Is your Facebook performance down? Do you need solutions and things to try right away to fix performance? Welcome to the first aid kit for Facebook and Instagram performance issues. This presentation goes into detail on what actions we take when trying to recover performance right now.

We also get into how you can be better organized with your account, making sure you know what’s working, when and why.

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Whether you manage ads in-house at a quickly growing start-up, or you’re on the Facebook ads team at a well-established agency, or you’re a marketing consultant simply trying to manage your time better--this course is for you. Regardless if you work on just one account or with dozens of a clients, these strategies and techniques will help you keep your Facebook ad accounts better organized and running smoothly, day in and day out.

This one-part course is for you if you’ve ever:

  • Wondered exactly what steps the pros are taking to optimize their ads every day and not waste time or money;

  • Been curious about how to properly organize multiple audiences, placements, reports, and creative tests so important cues don’t get missed;

  • Debated whether or not to switch to a new lookalike, pause a campaign, or test out new creative;

  • Wanted to schedule your time more efficiently while working in accounts;

  • Been confused about what exactly to look for, what specific steps to take, and what tweaks to make in the shortest amount of time while optimizing your accounts so you can focus on other work you have to do;

  • Generally felt behind the curve on what you should be doing in your accounts to make them better!


  • What exactly we mean by account optimization and organization

  • How to set up a successful system for daily account maintenance

  • How to find hidden gaps related to bidding, creative, copy, and naming conventions

  • Exactly what levers to pull (and when!) in regards to placements, audiences, bids, and ad types

  • How to more carefully consider the customer journey while utilizing different ad units in different parts of the funnel

  • Specific strategies you should start implementing with automated rules

  • How to find hidden performance pockets you’ve previously overlooked

In this course, you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about account optimization and organization. You’ll receive the following:

  • Step-by-step optimization recommendations for your ads PLUS recommendations of how to keep track of what you’ve already done so you don’t repeat unnecessary steps moving forward

  • An easy-to-follow template for all your future ad builds

  • Andrew’s personal daily optimization checklist

  • A recommended calendar/schedule for account optimization

  • Delegation guide so you only focus on the critical components of account optimization and hand off the rest