Crank Up Your Creative on Facebook and Instagram

Crank Up Your Creative on Facebook and Instagram


Do you want to improve your Facebook and Instagram ad creative? This course is for you. It’ll guide you through everything you need to ensure you are always on top of what’s working, why, and how to implement it right now. We also get into testing, budgeting, CBO, and more. See here for a quick video overview.

This course has a 100% satisfaction promise and has been taken by over 200 students already with zero refunds.

Topics Covered

  • The critical difference ad creative makes to a winning ad

  • What’s really working right now from experts around the world

  • Dynamic creative testing

  • Video creation kit deep dive

  • Ad types deep dive

  • Creative power rankings

  • Reporting and making sense of it all

  • Customizing your dynamic product ad creative

  • Why tirelessly testing different creative is a must-do

  • Focusing on organic vs. UGC content

  • Copy best practices

  • And TONS more (over an hour long!)

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What You’ll Learn

In this one-part course, you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Facebook and Instagram ad creative mastery — and then some!.

You’ll receive the following:

  • Step-by-step guide to setting up all different types of ad creative the right way, with Andrew and Gracie leading you through the entire process

  • Real-time scenarios and screenshots from folks showing their winning creative and how they’re translating those small wins into big successes

  • Lots more!

Who Is This For?

This one-part course is also for you if:

  • You’ve been wanting to rework your ad creative for a while but don’t know where or how to begin

  • You want to learn how to develop winning creative for every part of the sales funnel

  • You’re curious about what types of creative are performing really well right now on Facebook and Instagram

  • You want in-depth instructions and how-to’s on creating UGC content that wins

  • You’re looking for real results and honest discussions about ad creative–what works, what doesn’t, what you shouldn’t waste your time on

  • You feel like other marketers and agencies know something you don’t when it comes to winning creative

  • You need clear, concise directions that you can share with your team and your clients