Scaling Facebook & Instagram Ads for Success in 2019

Scaling Facebook & Instagram Ads for Success in 2019


Scaling Facebook and Instagram Ads for Success with Andrew Foxwell, Co-Founder, Foxwell Digital

Andrew has spent the last ten years advertising on Facebook and Instagram, spending over $50 million dollars in the process. He also co-hosts the ECommerce Influence Podcast and has taught over a dozen courses for Jon Loomer. Through this course, he’ll share with you his best practices for scaling accounts in 2019. Scaling the right way allows you to grow your spend sustainably, while achieving the same or better ROI.

In this class, Andrew goes over the exact steps he takes when scaling, discusses campaign budget optimization (CBO), and shares his recommendations for winning ad creative, ad copy, and bidding strategies for scaling accounts. He also discusses the real, tangible tactics he has used when scaling accounts this year, such as scaling an account from $500 per day to over $18,000 per day.

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Class Lessons & Take-Aways

  • How to grow your Facebook and Instagram ad accounts the RIGHT way, for sustainable success

  • What Facebook and Instagram audiences are working right now and what the structure looks like

  • Creatives, copy and bid types, that are really working right now

  • Why placement splitting can help you scale and how to do it

  • Learning how NOT to scale accounts for long-term growth

  • Righting the ship if things aren’t working

Important note: Andrew normally charges $547 per hour for client coaching. With this masterclass, you’ll receive expertise and insights from Andrew, over 1.5 hours of lessons and discussion, only for $447!