Snap Advertising 101

Snap Advertising 101


SNAP Advertising 101 with David Herrmann, Founder, Herrmann Digital

David is a true expert on Snapchat Ads. He’s helped dozens of brands scale their efforts and get started on using Snapchat ads, specifically for direct response marketing. David even has a Snapchat case study about his work. If you’re looking to experiment with this new channel and don’t know where to begin, this course is your answer.

You’ll receive everything you need in this 1.5+ hour course, with David walking you through step-by-step how to set up your account, your ads, audiences, and targeting. You also receive his list of best practices to ensure you’re on the right path moving forward. And if you have questions, you can always reach out to David for further explanations or clarifications.

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Class Lessons & Take-Aways

  • Getting your SNAP ad account up and running and

  • Successfully placing the SNAP Pixel

  • How to understand SNAP attribution and why Swipe ups matter

  • Setting up your audiences properly

  • What Snap ad options even are

  • How to start making money from Snap ads

  • David’s favorite best practices

  • PLUS additional bonus material for further learning including helpful podcast and blog resources!

Important note: David charges at least $547/hour for client coaching and management. With this masterclass, you’ll receive expertise and insights from BOTH David and Andrew, over 1.5 hours of lessons and discussion, only for $397!