Two Masterclasses in One: Scaling Your Facebook and Instagram Ads PLUS Snap Advertising 101

Two Masterclasses in One: Scaling Your Facebook and Instagram Ads PLUS Snap Advertising 101

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Longtime friends and industry colleagues, Andrew Foxwell and David Herrmann are excited to be partnering together on this unique offering of TWO informative masterclasses in one dynamic, informative session. If you can’t decide between the two courses, this is the best option for you. For only slightly more than the price of one class, you get access to:

  • Scaling Facebook and Instagram Ads for Success with Andrew Foxwell, Co-Founder, Foxwell Digital

  • SNAP Advertising 101 with David Herrmann, Founder, Herrmann Digital

Andrew and David have spent millions on Facebook, Instagram, and Snap ads. They’ve worked with hundreds of clients to help grow their businesses, sell ecommerce products, fundraise for nonprofits, sell out events, and much more.

Above all, Andrew and David are both committed to honesty, transparency, and actually DOING the ongoing work to grow accounts, scale sustainably, optimize and troubleshoot when things aren’t going well—in other words, they aren’t afraid to do the gritty, hard work that most agencies and consultants never do. Join them to learn about how they use Snapchat and Facebook to grow their accounts in 2019.

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Class Lessons & Take-Aways

  • Snap Course Learnings:

  • Getting your SNAP ad account up and running and

  • Successfully placing the SNAP Pixel

  • How to understand SNAP attribution and why Swipe ups matter

  • Setting up your audiences properly

  • What Snap ad options even are

  • How to start making money from Snap ads

  • David’s favorite best practices

  • PLUS additional bonus material for further learning including helpful podcast and blog resources!

  • Facebook Course Learnings

  • How to grow your Facebook and Instagram ad accounts the RIGHT way, for sustainable success

  • What Facebook and Instagram audiences are working right now and what the structure looks like

  • Creatives, copy and bid types, that are really working right now

  • Why placement splitting can help you scale and how to do it

  • Learning how NOT to scale accounts for long-term growth

  • Righting the ship if things aren’t working

Important note: David and Andrew each charge $547/hour for client coaching and ads management. With this masterclass, you’ll receive expertise and insights from BOTH David and Andrew, over 2.5 hours of lessons and discussion, only for $797!